What sort of requests we will help with:

  • General questions about theme functionality and technical capabilities
  • Assistance setting up theme features and configuring the theme settings
  • Any Shopify compatibility issues arising from a clean theme installation
  • Up to 15 minutes of help or advice related to minor theme customization questions

Our support DOES NOT include:

  • Shopify administration or native Shopify functionality, which can be better answered by contacting Shopify Support directly or by consulting their official documentation
  • New feature development or custom designs.  Depending on our availability, we may offer to provide a quote for custom jobs, or we may refer you to one of our trusted partners
  • Fixing any errors that arise as a result of theme customizations, either by third-party apps/plugins or template file modifications. It is nearly impossible for us to troubleshoot third-party code and we will suggest uninstalling apps and or reversing these customizations back to the original theme to restore the default functionality
  • Upgrading your theme to the latest version.  While you are always free to download and install the latest version of the theme free of charge from either the Shopify theme store or our own store, we cannot provide assistance migrating your settings/changes to the new version.  More information about updating your theme can be found here