A common support question we receive is how to update your theme to the latest version.  The answer is that there is no automated way to do so, unfortunately.  The process involves downloading the latest version of the theme either from the Shopify Theme Store, or by contacting us with your original order number from our store and having us send you the latest version.  Theme updates are always free regardless of where you purchased from.

Best practices for updating your theme

So you've decided that you would like to upgrade your theme version and have the latest version installed on your store.  The best thing to do is to open two browser windows side-by-side.  On one side, you'll have the theme customization settings open for your current live theme.  On the other, you'll have the theme settings window open for the updated theme.  You'll want to go through each section one at a time and copy and paste options, colors, text, etc. from one theme to the other.  If you're updating your ShowTime theme, you'll notice that a lot of options have moved around in version 5+ compared to versions 4 and below.  This is because Shopify updated their platform and have introduced support for sections.  You may find these articles useful to find the options you need:

Once you've copied over all your options and images, you next need to copy over any code customizations or app code you've installed.  This is where things can become tricky.  A lot of apps are installed with one click and do not touch the code.  Others are installed with one-click but do inject custom code into your templates without you realizing it.  Still others require manual installation and code edits.  You will need to apply these code edits to your current theme version.  You may need to check with your app developers specifically about their processes for installing the app code in your new theme.

If you've done any other manual adjustments to the code, you will have to copy those over as well.  If you plan to make changes to your theme code, it is a good idea to keep detailed notes about what you're changing in which files so you can easily refer back to those notes and apply those changes in later theme versions.  This can be tedious of course, but it will make keeping your theme up to date much easier in the future.

Hiring a developer to upgrade your theme

While it may be possible to hire an outside source to upgrade your theme, this can be very tedious and time-consuming work for a developer, especially if there are multiple apps or code customizations involved.  It will be very difficult for them to know what files have changed and what all work needs to be done.  That's why it's important to keep a detailed log of any code changes you make and any apps you install that require updates to theme code.  Unfortunately, Mile High Themes does not offer theme upgrade services at this time.

Other resources you may find helpful