Galleria comes with a modern, visually-striking gallery that displays a grid of up to four images on your home page.  Setting this up is pretty straightforward, but there are a couple of things you should know.

Firstly, one of the options you can set is the Section height. This essentially controls how large the images will be.  The theme makes adjustments to the images so they all fit the same height regardless of the aspect ratio you have uploaded.  So even if you upload one square image, one portrait image and one landscape image (not advisable), they will all be the same size in the gallery. 

You might notice that some portions of your image are cut-off depending on the size of the image you upload.  If you notice that an important part of your image is missing, you can try adjusting the Image crop alignment setting for your individual image.  What this does is adjust the crop of the image in question.  If you choose Top, for example, the theme will attempt to prioritize the top if your image and crop out more of the bottom.  Note that if your Section height setting is large enough to show the whole image, adjusting the Image crop alignment setting will have no effect.

Gallery Best Practices

In order to achieve the best results with your gallery images, here are some guidelines to follow.
  • Make sure all your gallery images are the same pixel dimensions.  We suggest at least 720px wide and the same height for all of them.
  • Use images that don't have focal points near the edges of the image.  Instead, crop them so the focal point is more in the center
  • Make sure your section height setting is set large enough to fit any text you add to the images