Galleria comes with two fantastic slideshow options to showcase your most popular products, collections, or whatever you'd like!  We've all seen slideshows on pretty much every other theme out there, but we believe ours are some of the most unique and effective you'll find.  Let's learn about them!

Slideshow Layouts


You've never seen a slideshow like this before!  Traditional slideshows are often criticized for a few reasons.  Primarily, people don't bother to wait around on your home page for all the slides to display.  So, if you had five slides in your traditional slideshow and the slides changed every six seconds, a potential customer would have to wait around on your home page without scrolling for a full 30 seconds to see them all.  Who does that?  We believe the solution is our exclusive column slideshow.  Although it only shows one image at a time like a traditional slideshow, the text of the other slides are visible at all times to engage your customers.  All they need to do is hover their mouse over the appropriate column and the new image will appear immediately.


This is a more traditional slideshow that rotates a single slide at a time.  You can choose heights from full-screen down to small and the theme will intelligently crop your images to fit the space.

Prefer a video header?

Although it's not a slideshow per se, you can add a custom video to the top of your home page as well.  To do so, simply add a "Featured video" section to your home page and position it at the top of all the other sections.  Once the section is added, the options will appear.  You can choose to play the video automatically (autoplay) or show a hero image with a play button.  We've coded this section such that if it's the first section on the home page, the navigation and other header elements will appear overlaid on top of it just like it does if you add a slideshow.  You can also make it span the full screen if you wish like you can with the slideshow.  YouTube and Vimeo videos are supported.