April 4, 2018

Version 1.0.1

This update addresses two Shopify-required updates, adds many new features and enhancements, and fixes bugs.

Shopify required updates:
  • Added support for Shopify's new Dynamic Checkout Button feature. Essentially, what this does is optionally adds another button to product pages and quick view that allows your customers to bypass the cart and go right to checkout if they just want to buy that item right away. It is a smart button that will appear differently based on your payment settings. For example, on Safari browsers and iOS devices, a "Buy with Apple Pay" button may appear so users can checkout immediately with Apple Pay. Read more about it in the link added above.

    Note that this feature must be enabled in theme settings to be activated. It is disabled by default. You can find the toggle in the product page settings and in locations that use quick view throughout the theme (collection page settings, featured collection, and featured product on home page).

Image rendering and page speed enhancements:
  • Added lazy-loading support to all images throughout the theme so they do not load until the user scrolls to them in the viewport.
  • Adjusted image sizing throughout the theme to ensure that only the image sizes necessary are loaded based on the screen size and device used.
  • Improved rendering of images on Retina and other high-resolution devices.

New features and enhancements
  • Added related products to product page.
  • Replaced click to zoom function on product page with a hover zoom effect and the ability to click the image to see a larger version.
  • Added "simple" menu option to the horizontal menu so you can display your menu with either nested drop-down menus or multi-column mega menus.
  • Added optional cart notes feature to modal cart.
  • Added option to display bullets or arrows to the home page slideshow (slides only, not column slideshow).
  • Added option to forgo cropping of slides in full-width slideshow so original aspect ratio is maintained.
  • Adjusted coding on product page so you can use both the short description and tab features simultaneously.
  • Added ability to swipe through images in the product gallery on mobile devices instead of just clicking thumbnails.
  • Added logout link and welcome message to customer account page.
  • Enhancements to heading areas with background images so they aren't so "jumpy".
  • Combined scripts and CSS files where possible to reduce load times.
  • Set a default background image for the 404 and password pages.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed issue where product images in the grid would appear cut in half on hover in FireFox and certain versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed issue where mega menu would appear in a single long column under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where product reviews would show outside the container after a review is added.
  • Fixed issue where if you remove the newsletter signup box from a footer block, the social icons would also disappear.
  • Other minor fixes

February 6, 2018

Version 1
Initial release