Galleria has a lot of great options for setting up your header and navigation.  Some of the settings can be a bit confusing though, so we wrote this article to help you make your header look as beautiful and be as functional as possible.

Navigation Options

There are three types of navigation options available with the theme.  They are:

Horizontal menu

The horizontal menu displays your menu (you guessed it) horizontally below your logo.  A search bar flanks the logo on the left with the cart icon on the right.  It is best for larger inventory stores that need lots of navigation options.  It also supports single-column drop-down menus as well as multi-column mega menus.  We have a great video and document that describes how to set these types of menus up.  They were originally created for our other themes but they work the same way with Galleria.

Minimal top

The minimal top menu is simple and attractive.  A traditional menu icon appears on the left with the cart, search, and currency options (if enabled) on the right.  When clicking the menu icon, an off-canvas menu slides in on the left.  This is also the default menu style on mobile.

Simple icon

The simple icon menu is as streamlined as you can get.  There is no visible navigation on the site except a prominent button that you can position either on the left or right side of your header.  Clicking this button opens an off-canvas menu on the left and also displays a search and cart icon.  This method is terrific for smaller stores that don't want a bulky menu to get in the way of their content.  This type of menu is trending up!

Customizing your title bar

The title bar is the location in your header that shows the title of whatever page you're on.  It can also have a background image, which is customizable based on where you are in your store.  In the header section settings, you can specify a global background image that will appear on every page in the title bar area.  You also have the option to add background images to the title bar individually based on which type of page you're on (blog, article, search, page, collection list, etc.).  Look in the settings for those pages for those options.  If you're on a collection page, the collection featured image will display here if you have specified one.  In addition, if you enable the Overlap header content checkbox, the image will also cover your navigation area, making your entire header appear on top of the background image.  Otherwise, your navigation will just be shown behind a solid background color, which you can also specify here.  All of our demos have the Overlap header content setting enabled because we believe it looks best that way.

Grab attention with the announcement bar

The announcement bar is an optional small colored strip with some text on it that appears at the very top of every page of your site.  This is a great place to announce a sale or any other promotional text you'd like to show your customers.  The option to choose a background color and populate the text can be found at the bottom of the Header section settings.