The Galleria theme comes with the ability to split the product description content into two parts.  This is useful if you want to show a short description right below the product's price and show the rest of a long description after the product options and add to cart button.  This ensures that a customer will not need to scroll down the page forever before having the opportunity to purchase if you have a long product description.  Setting this up is very easy.  Please follow the steps below:

  1. First, open the product you want to edit from within your Shopify admin area.
  2. Within your product description, locate the area of your product description you wish to split and make a note of the text
  3. Enter code view by clicking the <> button in the upper right corner of the description editor
  4. Locate the text you noted in step 2 and place your cursor after any closing HTML tag that exists to separate this content.  For example, if your description is in paragraphs, a paragraph may look like the below, so you would want to add it after the </p>:
    <p>This is a paragraph.</p>

  5. Place this snippet of code where you want to split the code:

    <!-- split -->

Don't forget to save your description and that does it!  Now, the content you have above the "split" will show below your product's price before your product options and cart button.  The content after the "split" will show below your cart button.  See our tutorial on how to create product tabs in the Galleria theme to add even more enhancements to your product page!