The Galleria theme includes a beautiful Contact Us page template that features a working contact form and an optional Google Map to show your store location. Let's look at how to get it setup.

Creating the page

First, you need to create a contact page in your Shopify dashboard. Assuming you don't already have one, head over to the Pages link on the left and click the Add a page button in the upper-right corner. If you do already have one, click on the page you want to use to open it. We need to select a different template for the page. To do this, scroll down to the very bottom and look for the Template section. There's a drop-down menu here. We need to choose the template for our Contact Us page.

Enabling the Google Maps feature

The option to enable the Google Maps feature can be accessed by logging into your store as an administrator and going to Online Store > Themes > Select the Galleria Theme > Customize theme.  Then, from within the preview browser, navigate to your contact page.  If there is no link to your contact page in your navigation somewhere, you may need to add a link to it to your main menu or elsewhere.  A new set of settings will show on the left.  You'll then need to follow the link to register a Google Maps API key.  Once you have the key and have pasted it in the appropriate box, simply enter the address and your map should appear.

The contact page is split into two sections, the left section contains any general information that you may wish to display.  You control this content by editing your Contact Page itself in the page editor.  The right section contains a contact form which will send an email to the main email address you have on file in your Shopify settings when someone fills out the form.

Setting custom titles for your contact page

Please log into your store as an administrator and then go to Online Store > Themes > Select the Galleria Theme > Click on the Actions button > Edit Languages > Contact > Make the desired changes > Click the "Save" button to save your changes.