The collection page on Galleria has some truly outstanding features.  Most of them are straightforward while others require a little further explanation.  The purpose of the article is to help you navigate and understand some of these settings as well as become acquainted with some of the lesser known features of Galleria's collection page.

Accessing Collection Page Settings

If you are new to sectioned themes (or Shopify themes in general), you might be wondering how you access the collection page settings.  To do so, login to your Shopify admin area, then go to Online Store > Themes and click the Customize Theme button next to Galleria.  You will be presented with your homepage in a preview browser on the right and associated settings on the left.  In Shopify sectioned themes (including Galleria), you will access the settings for other locations of your site (collection page, product page, blog, etc.) by actually visiting one of those pages in your preview browser.  So begin by navigating to any collection page from within your preview browser and you'll see the settings on the left change to show the Collection page settings.

Settings Explained

As I mentioned earlier, most of the settings you see here are straightforward and probably don't require additional explanation.  However, there are a few that we would like to explain.

Show product information on hover

The Galleria theme comes with two styles for presenting products on your collection page.  With this setting enabled, you will only see the title of each of your products below the featured image in the grid.  When you hover over a product, you will see the product type, price, and the quick view button (if you choose to enable quick view).  With this option disabled, you will see all this information visible at all times for all products on your collection page.  We think that this hover animation offers a nice user interface and makes your collection page look very neat and tidy, but the choice is yours!

Sidebar Layout

The sidebar on your collection page presents vital information for your customers, but it can also take up a lot of valuable real estate on your collection page that could be devoted to showcasing your products.  We came up with a handy solution to this issue by providing two layout options for your sidebar.  The first option is Fixed left, which is a traditional left-side layout.  We also offer an Off canvas option that adds an easily visible Product filter bar that stays fixed to the bottom of the page.  When clicked, your sidebar slides in from the left and is only visible when your customer needs it.

Advanced Group Filtering

Our themes are some of very few themes in the Shopify Theme Store that have a feature called Group Filtering.  What this does is allow your customers to "filter" a long list of products down by various criteria you create using product tags in Shopify.  Considering that adding this same functionality via an app can add upwards of $20/month to your Shopify bill, we think this is a very valuable feature.  We offer the same feature in our ShowTime and Couponia themes, but we've taken it a step further in Galleria.  It now utilizes AJAX technology so the products update in real-time as you select filters.  No more waiting for a page refresh!  We think this is a great feature and think your customers will too!

Setting up the filtering isn't too hard.  We've setup some comprehensive [Video] Enable and use group filtering that shows you step-by-step how to set it all up.  It was originally written/recorded for our ShowTime and Couponia themes, but it's setup the same way in Galleria.  You'll find all the same options in your sidebar settings as well.

Further Reading

There is one more feature of the collection page in Galleria that isn't controlled by settings.  You can create a subtle sub-menu of collections on each of your collection pages, if desired.  This is a nice way to showcase sub-collections of products.  Read all about it here: Setting up subcollection navigation on collection pages.