Choose between Simple and Mega Menus

The ShowTime theme comes with two options for creating your main menu.  We have labeled them Simple and Mega Menus.  Simple menus are simple, single-column drop-down menus that appear when you hover over a parent link in your main menu.  You can hover over a parent link to see a drop-down menu, then you can hover over a link in the drop-down menu to see an additional menu.  These menus can be three levels deep in ShowTime version 4.0 and above.  To choose which type of menu system you want to use, simply go to theme settings, click on the Header section and scroll down to the menu type option as shown below:


If you choose to create a Mega Menu instead, this is a menu that allows you to have multiple columns of links when you hover over your parent links.  So you could hover over a link called "Catalog" for example and see up to four columns below with separate menus for each column.  

Both types of menus are created the exact same way.  The only difference is how they're displayed based on the navigation type you've chosen.

Simple Navigation

Simple navigation is very easy to setup and allows you to have standard links and multi-level drop-down menus in your navigation bar. To create your menu, head over to the Navigation section and you'll see a menu called "Main Menu." Edit this menu to create your main navigation links. These menus look something like this:

Mega Menus

New in Versions 4.0+ of ShowTime is the ability to create mega menus (multi-column menus) by creating nested navigation menus in your Shopify dashboard.  These menus look something like this:

This kind of menu system is really useful for larger stores that have lots of products, categories, product filters, brands, pages, or pretty much any other content.  The menu is fully controlled using menus in Shopify, so once it's all setup, it's easy to change later.

Creating the Menu

To create a menu, head over to Online Store > Navigation in the Shopify dashboard. All your menus will be displayed here. Look for the one called Main Menu and click on that to get started.  If you're new to working with menus in Shopify, here's a refresher guide.

We've created a handy video that shows how to create the menus within Shopify.  Note that while this video focuses on creating mega menus, you create simple menus in the same fashion.  Instead of showing in columns, your simple menus will just appear as single-column nested drop-down menus.