ShowTime 5 is a revolutionary change compared to the older versions of ShowTime, as it among other things meets Shopify's requirements for sectioned themes.

Sections are context-sensitive theme options that will only display the theme options related to the portion of the store that you are viewing while in the theme editor mode.

The Header and Footer sections will always be displayed regardless of which section of your store you are viewing.

For example, if you are viewing a collection then you will only see options related to ShowTime's collections options while if you are viewing your blog you will only see options related to ShowTime's Blog options.

One major feature of ShowTime 5.x is that you will find upgrades to be much easier in the future as Shopify has implemented new features such as saving all images to the "Library" as opposed to the Assets folder of the respective theme.

Global theme options, such as the color and typography options are found in the General Settings panel.