The option to can be accessed by logging into your store as an administrator and going to Online Store > Themes > Select the Showtime Theme > Customize theme > Cart > Enable or disable your desired options Click the "Save" button to save your changes.

Cart Types

The cart currently supports two types of displays, page and modal.

If modal is enabled, users are not redirected to the cart after adding an item. Instead, a popup appears allowing them to view their cart or continue shopping.

A useful feature for the cart is the inclusion of order notes, which allows clients to provide you with specific instructions for their orders. 

Cart set to page

Cart set to modal

Enabling the sidebar

This results in the following display:

Setting up the shipping calculator

Some customers may find it useful to determine their shipping rates while at the cart screen.

To enable this feature you must select "Enable Sidebar" and "Shipping rate calculator".

Please note that if your customer is logged-in, the country in his default shipping address will be selected. If you are not sure about the spelling to use above, refer to your first checkout page.

This results in the following display:

Please note that the shipping calculation will also be carried out during the checkout process.