ShowTime comes with three different header styles. You can choose the one that best suits your needs in the theme settings area.  See below for a screenshot and brief description of each:

Header 1 - Logo left, navigation right

This is the default header style for the ShowTime theme.  It features a top bar with a link list selection on the left, contact information and currency selection on the right.  The logo is positioned to the left of the main menu below.  This layout is ideal if you have a smaller logo and don't need a lot of links in your navigation menu.

Header 2 - Logo/links top, nav below

This header moves the logo above the main menu and pushes the top bar link list and contact information to the right.  The main menu is shown at full-width below.  This is ideal if you have a larger logo and/or need a lot of links in your main menu.

Header 3 - Logo centered top, nav below

The final header option really accentuates your logo by centering it in between your top bar and full-width main navigation.

Please note that your logo must not be more than 350 pixels wide and 120 pixels high.
I also recommend that you use a transparent png image as this will work best with a variety of backgrounds
In this example, the logo is 56 pixels high and so in order to vertically align my menu, I have to set the "Navigation bar height" to the pixel height of your logo.

If I wanted to add some padding on mobile devices, I would just add a pixel value to the "Mobile nav button padding" box.

Using the top bar to display store wide messages

There will be times when you may wish to display a store wide message and the top bar is the perfect solution for that.

Using the sub-navigation section to display additional information

By default, the sub-navigation is set to none which results in the following display:

If you set it to links you can specify a menu that you would like to display, in this case, I am using my "Custom Collections".

Finally, you can set it to text to display the text you have entered in the text section.

Setting the search bar style

ShowTime comes with two different styles for the search bar, icon or search bar.

Icon before being clicked

Icon after being clicked

Search bar

Setting the favicon

This is the small icon that shows next to the name of the site in the browser tab. It is optional.
Please note that the icon must be 32 pixels high by 32 pixels wide.