Our themes have the ability to display a currency selector at the top of your page. You can select which currencies to display and this allows your customers to see your products' prices in their home currency.

Let's briefly go through each option:

  • Enable currency conversion - If enabled, a small drop-down menu will appear in the top-right corner of all of your pages allowing users to change the displayed currency. Even though prices are displayed in different currencies, orders will still be processed in your store's currency.

  • Money format - this option determines whether or not the three-digit currency code will appear after all of the prices in your shop.  Without Currency will display your prices with just the appropriate currency symbol and the price (e.g. $10.00).  With Currency will display prices with the appropriate currency symbol and the three digit currency code (e.g. $10.00 USD).

  • Currencies you wish to support - Enter the three digit codes of all the currencies you wish to support in this box.  They should be all upper-case and separated by a spaceVisit this link to see a listing of all the supported currency codes.  All the codes you enter here will show in the drop-down box at the top of all your store pages.

  • Default currency - This value should match the default currency you use in your store.  It will be chosen in the drop-down as the default currency. You can set your store's default currency in the Shopify dashboard.  To do so, click Settings, then General and scroll down to the Standards & formats section.

Once you've made your currency selections, there is one more step you must follow.  From within your Shopify dashboard, navigate to Settings, then General and scroll down to the Standards & formats section.  Make sure your chosen currency here matches your Default currency setting in your theme options, then click the change formatting link.  You'll need to edit the text in the HTML with currency and HTML without currency text fields.  For reference, checkout the screenshot below.

There is also a Shopify support document that explains this process.  Check it out here.