As the ShowTime theme comes with three unique header styles to display your logo and navigation, we've added a couple of settings to the Header section of your theme customization settings to help vertically align your logo and navigation.

Navigation bar height

The Navigation bar height setting allows you to vertically center your logo with your navigation menu.  You should enter the pixel height of your logo in this box.  If you enter this and your menu still doesn't appear centered, you can experiment with different numbers here.  Occasionally the theme will need to resize the logo slightly depending on your screen's resolution, so this number may need adjustment.  Entering smaller numbers will push the navigation menu further up in relation to your logo.  Note that if you are using the header style with the logo centered on its own line, this setting will have no effect.

Mobile nav button padding

Similarly to the Navigation bar height setting, the Mobile nav button padding option is designed to align the cart, search, and account icons vertically with your logo on mobile devices.  This setting may require a bit more trial and error.  This is because the theme generally needs to resize your logo on mobile devices to fit next to the icons.  Start by entering a number, say, 25, and adjust that number until your icons are centered with your logo.  Be sure to click the screen size icon in your theme settings to preview the theme on a mobile device as shown in the screenshot below.