Note: This article only applies to theme versions 4.1 and below.  These options were removed beginning in version 5.0 at Shopify's request.

ShowTime comes with several different presentation options to help your customers view products and add them to the cart quickly and easily.  These are presented in the form of buttons that can appear when a user hovers over a product on your collection pages, in the featured products area on the home page, and on a related product on your product pages.  They are enabled by clicking the Enable hover buttons checkbox in your theme settings under the Collection page heading and by choosing either Quick View or Add to cart / more info. Let's briefly go over the options.

Quick View

With Quick View enabled, your customers will see a single Quick View button that appears when they hover over a product.  When they click it, a popup window will appear with basic product information, photos, and the ability for the customer to choose options and add the product to the cart right from the window.

Add to cart / more info

With this option, there are a couple of different button scenarios.  If your product is static with only one product option, the Add to Cart and More Info buttons will show.  The cart button immediately adds the product to the customer's cart, while the More Info button directs them to the product page.  If the product has options that a customer must select before adding it to the cart, the button will display as Select Options, which will take the to the product page.  This setting is ideal for stores whose inventory is generally static products with no options.

If the hover buttons are not enabled, no buttons will appear over the product on hover.  Instead, clicking on the photo or product title will take the customer to the product page.