Version 3.5 of the ShowTime theme introduces some fairly significant changes to the theme settings / customization area.  These changes came at Shopify's request as they're looking to streamline the settings area throughout all of their themes.

The streamlined options are more vague than they used to be in some areas  -- especially when it comes to sidebars.  I'll be working on updating the theme documentation soon, but in the meantime, this article will serve as a guide to using sidebars in version 3.5 of the theme and beyond.

Enable/Disable Sidebars on Collection and Blog Pages

In prior versions of the theme, sidebars were enabled by ticking a checkbox in the theme settings area.  Shopify requested that this setting be removed in favor of creating separate templates (one with the sidebar, one without).  For Collection and Blog pages, the sidebar is now enabled by default.  If you would like to disable the sidebar in either of these two areas, you'll need to change the template for each of your collections, blogs, and individual articles.  To change templates, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Shopify dashboard, click on Products, then Collections
  2. Click on the Collection name you wish to edit
  3. Look on the right side of the page for the Theme template drop-down
  4. Choose "" or "collection.list-no-sidebar" (if you want your collection to show in a list instead of a grid)
  5. Click the Save button in the upper-right corner to save the template
  6. Repeat this process for your other collections

The steps are very similar for changing the template on your blog and individual articles.  For the blog page itself (the page that shows a list of your blog posts), click  Online Store, then Blog Posts.  To edit the template on individual articles, click on the title of the article and look for the Theme template drop-down again.  To edit the blog listing page template, click on the name of your blog under the Blog heading in the table.  This is News by default.

If you choose to show sidebars in either location, you can enable/disable specific "widgets" for the sidebar in your theme settings under their respective sections.

Enabling/Disabling the Sidebar on Standard Pages

The steps to enable or disable the sidebar on standard pages is the same as above, but the settings for adding "widgets" to the sidebar are slightly different. There is now a dedicated section in theme settings called "Sidebar" and these settings only affect standard pages (such as your about us page, for example).

Enabling/Disabling the Sidebar on the Cart Page

If you wish to use the shipping calculator and links widget on the shopping cart page, you'll enable this sidebar in theme settings under the Shopping Cart heading. There is a checkbox there called "Enable sidebar" that must be checked.