With the introduction of Showtime 5.0, we have implemented a feature that allows you to add a menu to the sidebar on your collection's page.

To do so you must first simply define a menu by going to Online Store > Navigation.


In this example I am going to use the already defined "Main Menu" and any menu could work as well.

Now that a menu has been chosen, you can go to Online Store > Themes > Select the Showtime theme > Customize Theme.

Then all you have to do is to visit any collection, in this case, I went to /collections/all.

With the new handy context-sensitive theme editor, it recognises that I am on a Collection page and only the sections that are relevant to a collections page appear.

 Clicking on Collection Page reveals the available options.

Then once the "Sidebar" is enabled, you to the "Custom Menu" option and select "Main Menu".


This results in the following display:


Now, this collection is being displayed in the default grid view but you can also specify a custom menu for the list view option of a collection.


The context-sensitive theme editor will now switch to display an option "Collection List Page" and I can follow the same steps to list any custom menu, in this example the "Footer menu was used.



 This results in the following display:


So as you can see the new Showtime 5.x provides you with even greater levels of flexibility to ensure that your store is customised to provide your customers with the best possible shopping experience.