Important Note: Please see the bottom of the article for an important addendum to these instructions and the video below to account for changes in Shopify functionality.  Although this tutorial was written for the ShowTime theme originally, the functionality works and is setup the same in all our other themes.

If you have a lot of products and want users to have the ability to narrow down their selections by category, this new feature is for you. You can check out a demo of this feature in our new FurnishTime Theme Demo.  This feature is built in and used the same way in all of our themes.

To set this up, first choose Group Filtering in your Collection page settings under Product Filtering. Follow the steps below to enable advanced group filtering like the image below.

1. Define your groups. In the image above, the groups are Brand, Focal Length, and ResolutionTag your products. If you're just starting out, you can tag your products one-by-one in the product page within your Shopify dashboard. If you have a lot of products to tag, you may wish to export your existing products into a CSV file and update them with a program such as Microsoft Excel.

2. Prepend all existing product tags (or create new ones) with what group you want them to be in. The format should be Group_Tag Name.

3. Based on the image at the top of this page, we would have tags like Brand_Canon, Focal Length_18 - 55mm, and Resolution_12 MP.

4. The left side of the underscore is the group name, and the right side is the tag for the product. Spaces can be included on either side of the underscore. You need to add these tags to all the products you wish to filter.

5. Save your products when you edit them. If you have edited a .csv file to add your tags, save it and import the products back into your store. Make sure you check "Overwrite existing products that have the same handle" when uploading the file to prevent duplicate products from being created.

Adjust the Order of Filters

The default order of the filters will be alphabetical, but many customers have asked us how to customize this. It is now possible!

There is a new section in your Theme Settings under the Collection Pages heading. Make sure Group Filtering is selected as your Product Filtering Method. Once this is selected, you now have to list your groups in order for them to appear. This is how you can order your groups.

Be sure that you list your groups by the names you used for the tags. No underscores are needed. They should be typed in a case-sensitive list separated by commas with no spaces in between. Once this is done, your filter groups will now show in this order on your site. The filters themselves will show alphabetically in each group. If you're okay with that, you're finished setting up your filters. If you need to customize the order of the filters themselves too, continue reading.

Re-Ordering the Filters Themselves

For those that need precise ordering of the filters themselves, you can create navigation menus to order them. The name of the menu must match your group name. So if you have a group name "Price" you must create a menu called "Price" in order for it to work properly. Next, you must add your tag names to the menu (everything to the right of the underscore). Please see this screenshot for a reference:

Just add links to each of the tags you added to your products (without the filter names). These are case sensitive. The Links To... field doesn't matter -- you can link these to whatever you want. Once you're finished and you have them in the order you want, save the menu and your filters will be ordered properly. If needed, you can create other menus for other groups, or you can ignore those if you're fine with them being arranged alphabetically.

Important Addendum

Shopify has made some changes in the back end of their platform which changes a few steps described in the video.  To access the filtering settings, you now have to go to Online Store > Themes > ShowTime > Customize Theme.  From there, you will navigate to any collection page within the settings browser to see the collection page settings show on the left.  Click there to see the filtering settings.  

The process for setting up the custom menu required to specify the order of the filters in any particular group has also changed slightly.

The video below provides a brief overview of the changes required to get group filtering to work with our themes.