In versions 3.4 and below of the ShowTime theme, the variant drop-down menus will appear on the page for a second or two while the page loads, even while using the swatches functionality.  This can cause confusion for some customers with slower connections.  This has been fixed as of version 3.5 of the theme.  To fix this in your version, please follow these steps:

1. Click the  Online Store link on the left side of your Shopify dashboard, then click Themes and look for the ShowTime theme.

2. Click the the  ... button and choose Edit HTML/CSS from the drop-down menu as shown below.

3. Open the  Assets folder and locate the style.css.liquid file.  Click it to open it in the built-in editor.

4. Scroll to the bottom and add this code at the end:

{% if settings.show_product_swatches %}  
.selector-wrapper, .product-variants { display: none; }
{% endif %}

5. Save the file and the issue should disappear.